Amanda Feeley, proprietress of Esscentual Alchemy, is a natural perfumier and a long-time friend. Based upon the descriptions in Release and our collaboration, she has produced a trio of fragrances inspired by the novel.

267217861The base fragrance, God’s Gift, evokes chrism oil and is reminiscent of oriental and resinous incenses. With the primary notes of myrrh and frankincense (carteri and frareana), the fragrance is completed with rose, sandalwood, lawang, labdanum, styrax, opoponax, and oud oils.

God’s Gift: Seduction builds upon that foundation to include cacao and hazelnut oils, with Stagg Jr. Bourbon is used as its carrier.

The highlights of God’s Gift: Redemption include juniper, Texas cedar, sacred white sage, and cypress.

Individual samples are available for $8 apiece, or $22 for the set of 3. The fragrances are also available in a 5ml silver travel sprays for $50 each. All fragrances are Eau de Parfum concentration.

Orders are being handed exclusively by Esscentual Alchemy. To purchase these products, visit:

tiesta-tea-50-egift-plus-25-rdc-egift-card--2046401-regularFive teas are described in Release. In collaboration with Tiesta Tea®, this custom set of loose-leaf selections perfectly capture the essence of what you read about in the novel. In keeping with the Tiesta mission, each flavor is also a functional blend with the properties indicated below.

  • Colette’s Chamomile (purple-relaxer): Seeing her stressed-out friend, Colette orders this tea for Mandelyn, an herbal, floral, fruity blend sure to sooth and relax.
  • Traveling Mulberry (blue-eternity): a delicate yet profound green tea like the one Mandelyn harvests on her trip to Muang Khoun, experts tout its antidiabetic and anti-inflamatory effects.
  • Dinner Darjeeling (green-slenderizer): smoky, floral, and astringent flavors that result from this blend, which also includes roasted hōjicha leaves, symbolize of the opposing forces within Henry.
  • Henry’s Rooibos (yellow-immunity): a crowd favorite, this South African tea is infused with honeybee pollen, vanilla, caramel, and honey flavors. So unique and delicious!
  • Mandelyn’s Chai (red-energizer): an invigorating amalgam of black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, and other exotic flavors.

Each tea pouch makes 8-12 cups for your enjoyment. Included with the set is a pamphlet describing the context in which the teas are consumed during the story and why they were chosen by the author.

Purchase the teas here. You won’t be disappointed.

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