Outlander: The One With All The Reckonings—A Review of Episode 109 (Part 2)

The second half of Episode 109 serves as a great example of how variations on a theme make for fascinating storytelling.

Ain’ No Party Like a Leoch Party
Having all but exhausted my thoughts on this episode’s first half, let’s get our arses back to Leoch, where the most awkward surprise wedding reception ever awaits us!

While NITB, this feels completely organic, and the cringe-worthy silences are both a brave directorial choice and highly effective.

I can’t get enough of Colum’s strained sneer-grin or Leticia’s stole. I don’t know what kind of animal was used to make it. Let’s call it weasels in honor of the scene that immediately follows this one.

“What’s going on here?” was the question in my mind, not only because this is this a nifty expansion of the source material, but it’s also a slight deviation. In the book, Colum and Dougal are of the same mind when it comes to Jamie diverting himself from succession to Lairdship. They’re both pretty pleased that the lineage is unequivocal once again. They want Jamie back as Laird of Lallybroch at his earliest opportunity, so long as his legal status is such that his head won’t be parted from his body any time soon. You’d think this would be naturally be the sentiment between uncles and their deceased sister’s only living son, but you’d be wrong. The MacKenzie wants Lallybroch in control of an ally because it’s well-placed strategically, should battle come to the Highlands. That’s about as far as their warm and fuzzy feelings go.

TV Colum, however, isn’t so pleased that marriage to a Sassenach has removed Jamie from any possible leadership consideration. Colum harbors the same distrust of his brother that many of the clan members possess, and he’s uneasy about a succession to his son, Hamish, before he’s old enough to handle all of what it entails.

In any case, the Laird and Lady soon depart, and the festivities resume. Not for long however – there are more uncomfortable encounters to come!

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