VOTE (This is not what you think)

Yes, yes—I want you to cast your local and state-wide municipal election ballot,
BUT ALSO… Voting is open for the GoodReads Choice Awards!!

Click these pictures to go to the page, or read on for more details. Then, click the pictures if you’re so inclined.

Best Fiction – RELEASE

Best Debut GoodReads Author RELEASE

The Write-In field is at the bottom of the page.
The easiest way to populate the field with my book title is to type:
Hope Russell Nunki

I know I’m asking many of you to vote on spec. Whether you were a beta reader, are currently embroiled in your eBook, have your paperback on order, follow the #TeaserTuesday posts, trust that I might have written a good story, or are just here to support me, I could use your vote.

This is a long shot, but it’s not a frivolous request. At the very least, your vote becomes part of your news feed, which would really draw some positive attention.

I’ll even kiss your baby if it helps.

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