Nine Days; Nine Dollars

There are only nine days between now and the day I open sales of Release!

(Pause to consider how much restraint it took not to write than in all caps and with a dozen exclamation points.)

Ach. To quote Dante (from the novel, not he of the Divine Comedy), “Fuck restraint.”

The granddaddy of internet memes, standing in for my happy dance. At least it’s not the dancing baby. (via


You’ll soon see a tab on the menu titled BUY. Under that tab, you will find the directions for how to purchase your INSCRIBED and AUTOGRAPHED book or books before November 15th, the date the book will go live on all the major virtual stores and be available for libraries and bookstores to order and stock.

On this page, you will find the directions to EARN PROMO CODES THROUGH THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA MADNESS!

(Alright. Maybe a little restraint is in order. No more shouting, I promise.)

I don’t want to charge any of my friends and family anything. The fact is, though, that I am not actually made of money. I’ve fronted a fair amount of cash to get this far, and I could really use your help to get Release out to the masses. To assuage my guilt, I’ve structured the following incentives to buy other forms of your assistance:

Earn $1 off your purchase when you follow Hope Russell Nunki on Social Media
This should apply to most of you, already. That was easy, right? Limit $1, although follows on multiple sites are welcome! Qualifying sites include Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and WordPress.

Earn $1 off if you are so moved to constructively, favorably rate and review Release on GoodReads
Hopefully, you can do this with confidence based upon the several #TeaserTuesday posts from the last few months (earlier ones can be found on Facebook starting July 7th). Be creative with your reviews. Something along the lines of “I can’t wait to read this!” will work, but more detail will earn plenty of brownie points. You’re on your honor to update your review one you’ve finished reading.

Earn up to $2 when you share or promote my social media profile with a positive, promotional message about Release
The can be as simple as a note of praise on Twitter than includes @hotbluestar in the message, a tagged mention on Facebook, or a full-scale sharing of a status or link to my profile.  Limit $1 per social media site, limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Earn up to $5 if you recruit a new social media follower and THAT follower mentions your referral on social media
Limit $1 per successful referral; in other words, one per each new unique follower… there will be no double-payment for multiple-site followers.

Limit $9 total discount, which can only be applied to a single purchase. Discounts will be issued in the form of a partial refund. No credit will be granted. In other words, I’ll give you the $5 e-book if you earn it, but I won’t pay you to take it 😉

Right before you start your purchase of Release, contact me privately through Facebook. Request the promo that corresponds to the discount level you’ve earned. I’ll double-check to make sure my tracking corresponds with yours, then send you the code to use on the PayPal order form.

Happy Promoting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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